Strange Celebrity Beauty Tips

Source: Wikimedia commons David Jones AW13 Fashion Launch: Sydney, Australia - 6th February 2013

Source: Wikimedia commons
David Jones AW13 Fashion Launch: Sydney, Australia – 6th February 2013

Are you looking to brighten your eye area? Want to get shinier hair? Check out these odd, yet effective, celebrity beauty tips to achieve your beauty goals! Each of these naturally-minded tips is considered tried-and-true by their celebrity ambassadors, but you’ll have to try them yourself to see if they work for you.

1) Brighten eyes with lip balm
Coming to you from Miranda Kerr, this beauty tip is perfect for late nights, early mornings, or a night out. To lighten and brighten the eye area, first apply your normal eye makeup to the area.

After applying your makeup, choose an all-natural lip balm – not a lip gloss, which will clog pores – and gently apply a small amount to the inner corners of the eyes using your ring fingers. You can also use pure shea butter, which will also moisturize and nourish the eye area. Just be sure to apply only a small amount, and blend well to achieve a natural-looking brightness.

2) Get softer, shinier hair with beer
You can thank Catherine Zeta-Jones for this one! Now, don’t use this tip as an excuse to go out bar-hopping. If you’d like to use beer to soften and brighten your tresses, you’ll actually apply the beer directly to your hair! Any beer will do, so grab a six-pack of cheapies and get to work.

Begin by shampooing and towel-drying hair. Then, using roughly a cup of beer, gently massage the beer into your hair, focusing on small sections at a time. Don’t pour the beer directly on, or most of it will go down the drain. After the beer has been applied, wrap your hair in plastic wrap for five minutes, then rinse.

Why does beer create softer, shinier hair? It is able to efficiently dissolve product buildup from days of styling, leaving your locks pure and light. This is also the perfect time to follow our next celebrity suggestion…

3) Deep condition hair with avocado and olive oil
Now this is a beauty tip Raw Essentials can get behind! Denise Richards swears by this beauty secret, and it’s the perfect compliment to the beer hair treatment mentioned above.

Simply mash a whole avocado with one tablespoon of olive oil, mixing well. Work it into your hair, focusing on the ends, and avoiding the scalp. (Applying the mixture to the scalp may cause your roots to look oily.) Leave it on while you watch TV, or even wrap your head in plastic wrap and a towel to leave on overnight. Thoroughly  wash out your concoction and enjoy your replenished locks!

4) Get a plumper pout with cinnamon oil
Have you ever wished you had fuller, plumper lips? This tip from Lisa Rinna may be just what you need! Now, be warned, this beauty tip may irritate sensitive skin, and is not for those with a cinnamon sensitivity.

Take your favorite lip gloss and add just a couple drops of cinnamon essential oil. Shake to combine and apply as normal! You’ll feel a warm, tingling sensation, and you may even notice some extra color coming to your lips! This is due to increased blood flow, which will both plump and darken your natural lip hue.

Before you add the oil to your gloss, try a patch test by applying a very small drop to your jawline. If you don’t experience any adverse effects, you should be safe to use the oil in your lip products.

Do you have a favorite celebrity beauty tip that you incorporate into your beauty routine? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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