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Thank You!

Here at Raw Essentials, we are celebrating Thanksgiving by being thankful for you, our loyal customers! Whether you are a new customer or you’ve been using Raw Essentials for years, we are grateful that you chose us from the sea of skin care products.

To show our appreciation, we’re giving away one free product* to one lucky winner! To enter this thankfulness giveaway, simply comment on this post and tell us what you’re thankful for. Be sure to include your email address so we can notify you if you win! Winners will be chosen by a random generator and notified by email.

In addition to our giveaway, we’re also spreading the love by offering an extended Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale! Shop now through midnight December 2nd to take advantage of our great Black Friday Deals. Here’s a quick rundown:

This sale is the perfect way to stock up on your favorite skin care products, or cross a few loved ones off your holiday shopping list.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for choosing Raw Essentials! Happy holidays!

*The winner of the giveaway will get to choose any one single product from the website. Giveaway does not include bundles or gift sets; only single products are eligible. Winner will be chosen at random.

How to Keep Skin Care Products Fresh

Source: user JEM

Source: user JEM

Most skin care products are formulated with ingredients designed to keep them pure and fresh. However, even with these precautions, there are times when one’s products begin to have issues, from harmful bacteria to texture separation. If you’re looking to prolong the life and purity of your products, follow these simple steps for how to keep skin care products fresh.


1) Use a cosmetic spatula. It may seem weird to use a cosmetic spatula or cotton swab to apply your own skin care products, but it will hugely reduce the amount of bacteria in your bottles and jars. Removing product with a small plastic spatula, or even a small spoon, will ensure that your products stay fresh.

If it’s unrealistic for you to have the extra step of a scooping implement, at least wash your hands before dipping into your creams and lotions! This will reduce the risk of transferring harmful bacteria to your product, helping to prolong its life.

2) Store your products properly. Most beauty products will recommend a cool, dry storage space, though very few require refrigeration or other special accommodations. This is not for the manufacturer’s entertainment! Your products will last much longer – and maintain their textures better – when stored properly.

3) Don’t share! Beauty products are one area in which sharing is not caring. Especially eye products! Swapping everything from face cream to eye cosmetics is one of the main ways you can “infect” your product and lead to its demise. If you care about the health of your skin, eyes, and products, tell your friend to bring her own products!

4) Use your products within a respectable timeframe. This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes people assume that skin care products don’t expire. That’s not the case! Even if your products don’t have an expiration date (most don’t), that doesn’t mean they can sit on a shelf for a year and have the same texture and efficacy as a new product. They may even irritate the skin after sitting for so long. So, don’t get precious about savoring your products; use them as they’re intended to achieve the results you bought them for!

These four little steps will go a long way toward keeping skin care products fresh and pure.

Raw Essentials: Your One Stop Regimen Stop

Source: user marzk

Source: user marzk

If you’re like most women, your skin care regimen consists of a buffet of products from different lines. You may even have products designed for all different skin types — a cleanser for oily skin, a moisturizer for normal skin, a spot treatment for acne skin. 

While picking and choosing your favorite products from all different brands may seem like the best way to achieve great skin, you may actually be harming your skin or interfering with each product’s beneficial ingredients.

First off, you should always use skin care products formulated for your skin type. It’s not just the active ingredients that matter; the entire formulation matters. That’s why using an acne spot treatment on dry skin breakouts may cause an issue. While the ingredients may dry the blemish, they’ll also suck the moisture out of already dry skin, leaving it red, flaky, and irritated.

Similarly, a cleanser for oily skin won’t balance out just the t-zone of normal skin; it will upset the balance of the skin, leading to overactive oil production and breakouts, thereby ruining your normal skin type!

There are some brands, including Raw Essentials, which are formulated to be used by all skin types. This means that the brand’s focus is on nourishing and supporting healthy skin functions, which is why it’s beneficial no matter what your skin type. Think of it like eating produce; regardless of your dietary restrictions, everybody needs fresh fruits and veggies!

Aside from using skin care designed for your specific skin type, there are other dangers to mixing and matching different skin care brands and products. Active ingredients may compete with each other or interact in an unknown way, causing damage that may or may not be seen on the surface. Similarly, ingredients may compete for absorbency, canceling each other out and making your regimen moot.

By using a complete skin care regimen from one skin care line, you’re ensuring that each product will work synergistically without causing potentially dangerous ingredient interactions. When you use only one skin care line, every product blends effortlessly and supports one another, leading to maximized benefits with reduced risk of irritation.

Lastly, building a regimen from one line is much easier than mixing and matching, as it’s simple to see what’s missing from your collection. You may even find that you need fewer products, as an entire line is designed to provide everything your skin needs, whereas products from separate brands may have gaps that you’re unaware of.

Do you have a favorite skin care line that you stick to, or do you mix and match your products? Tell us your regimen in the comments below!

Raw Essentials by Carol Alt

Photo: Brian Killian/Getty Images for Joanna Mastroianni

Photo: Brian Killian/Getty Images for Joanna Mastroianni

You may have heard the name Carol Alt recently, thanks to her new TV show, A Healthy You & Carol Alt. Once a very successful and well-known model, Carol Alt is now known for her work in the skin care industry, and her support for leading a healthy, organic, and raw lifestyle.

Though she campaigned as “The Face” of many cosmetics and skin care lines in the 1980s, Carol found that she was unhappy with the chemical ingredients used in mainstream skin care products. She hoped to find a suitable line formulated with natural ingredients, but couldn’t find one that felt up to her standards. She decided to take matters into her own hands and, along with two business partners, launched Raw Essentials in 2008.

Carol’s goal with Raw Essentials was to provide consumers with products that they could trust. Using 100% raw active ingredients, as well as supporting ingredients sourced from natural and other healthful ingredients, Raw Essentials promises to support healthy function and beauty without causing damage with harsh, harmful chemical ingredients.

On her show, A Healthy You & Carol Alt, Carol works to tackle skin care myths, suggest safe products, review trendy skin care procedures, and talk about overall wellness and longevity. She sheds light on what works, what doesn’t, and what may be harmful to your health. She also features a segment called Ask Carol, where she answers questions that viewers have asked on Twitter and Facebook.

For a sneak peek of Carol’s new show, check out this clip on YouTube about skin care ingredients, or simply watch the clip below. In it, Carol asks an expert for his top 10 skin care ingredients to avoid, and they discuss healthful skin care product alternatives to mainstream brands. Watch the clip to learn more about Raw Essentials and Carol Alt, and be sure to tune in to Carol’s show A Healthy You & Carol Alt on Saturdays at 4pm ET on the Fox News channel.