New Year, New You Skin Care Tips: Moisturizing

Today’s post is the second in our New Year, New You skin care tips series. If you missed the first post, head back over to New Year, New You Skin Care Tips: Cleansing before reading this one!

In any good skin care regimen, moisturizing comes after cleansing. Moisturizing your skin does more than just help it feel good; it actually helps the skin function properly and keeps it protected against external aggressors.

When we’re babies, our skin generally functions perfectly. It is able to create and retain its own moisture, which is why baby’s have such supply, smooth, and radiant skin! However, as we age, the skin is damaged by everything from pollution to sun to improperly formulated skin care products. This damages the skin’s ability to create and retain moisture, leading to issues like dry skinsensitive skin, and even some oil production imbalances.

When you apply your face moisturizer, you’re restoring hydration to the skin while also preventing moisture loss throughout the day. This means that your skin will maintain proper hydration levels all day long, which keeps it comfortable, radiant, smooth, and supple. It also shields against air pollution and more, which can keep skin looking youthful and healthy.

If you don’t apply a topical moisturizer, your skin is likely to feel tight, rough, or even sting. Makeup won’t apply smoothly, and your skin may look dull and drab. Skipping this essential regimen step will undo almost everything else you apply to your skin, making it all worthless!

In addition to wearing a moisturizer throughout the day to beautify and protect the skin, it’s ideal to also apply a nighttime moisturizer before bed. This moisturizer works to repair any damage that managed to fight its way through your daytime skin care while also helping the skin to rebalance itself and create its own moisture stores. When you wake up, your skin will already be partially prepared to face the day!

Don’t forget to tune in next week for our next New Year, New You post! For now, take advantage of our awesome New Year, New You skin care sale by browsing our Face Care section and choosing the right cleansing and moisturizing products for you.


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