Order now before our move!


If you’re thinking it might be time to place a Raw Essentials order, don’t delay! On Tuesday, March 4th, we are moving our inventory to a new warehouse. This move means that our website will be inactive and we will be unable to take new orders until the move is complete. We assure you that this move is to better serve our customers, and that we will do everything within our power to get the site back up and new orders placed ASAP.

However, for now, that means all orders must be placed before March 4th; otherwise, they will have to wait until after the move is complete. The good news is that our inventory flash sale has been extended through Monday, March 3rd to accommodate those who wish to order! All orders of $100+ placed before March 4th will receive 50% off and free U.S. shipping! 

This is a great time to save, just as long as you order before our move! We thank you for your understanding and patience, and we can’t wait to better serve you from our new warehouse location.

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