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Raw Essentials: Your One Stop Regimen Stop

Source: flickr.com user marzk

Source: flickr.com user marzk

If you’re like most women, your skin care regimen consists of a buffet of products from different lines. You may even have products designed for all different skin types — a cleanser for oily skin, a moisturizer for normal skin, a spot treatment for acne skin. 

While picking and choosing your favorite products from all different brands may seem like the best way to achieve great skin, you may actually be harming your skin or interfering with each product’s beneficial ingredients.

First off, you should always use skin care products formulated for your skin type. It’s not just the active ingredients that matter; the entire formulation matters. That’s why using an acne spot treatment on dry skin breakouts may cause an issue. While the ingredients may dry the blemish, they’ll also suck the moisture out of already dry skin, leaving it red, flaky, and irritated.

Similarly, a cleanser for oily skin won’t balance out just the t-zone of normal skin; it will upset the balance of the skin, leading to overactive oil production and breakouts, thereby ruining your normal skin type!

There are some brands, including Raw Essentials, which are formulated to be used by all skin types. This means that the brand’s focus is on nourishing and supporting healthy skin functions, which is why it’s beneficial no matter what your skin type. Think of it like eating produce; regardless of your dietary restrictions, everybody needs fresh fruits and veggies!

Aside from using skin care designed for your specific skin type, there are other dangers to mixing and matching different skin care brands and products. Active ingredients may compete with each other or interact in an unknown way, causing damage that may or may not be seen on the surface. Similarly, ingredients may compete for absorbency, canceling each other out and making your regimen moot.

By using a complete skin care regimen from one skin care line, you’re ensuring that each product will work synergistically without causing potentially dangerous ingredient interactions. When you use only one skin care line, every product blends effortlessly and supports one another, leading to maximized benefits with reduced risk of irritation.

Lastly, building a regimen from one line is much easier than mixing and matching, as it’s simple to see what’s missing from your collection. You may even find that you need fewer products, as an entire line is designed to provide everything your skin needs, whereas products from separate brands may have gaps that you’re unaware of.

Do you have a favorite skin care line that you stick to, or do you mix and match your products? Tell us your regimen in the comments below!