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Featured Product: Moisturizing Face Serum

Moisturizing Face SerumRaw Essentials is the perfect skin care line for all skin types and conditions. Because of its raw formulation, it is extremely nourishing while maintaining a gentleness rarely seen in such an active skin care regimen. For those concerned with visible signs of aging, Raw is able to tackle fine lines and wrinkles with precision, and without causing damage or discomfort.

Our Moisturizing Face Serum is one such product. Formulated with our proprietary blend of cold-pressed tamanu nut and monoi oils, Moisturizing Face Serum expertly works to soften and illuminate skin, restoring a youthful and healthy radiance.

In addition to these rich, non-comedogenic oils, Moisturizing Face Serum features the Party Foam POM Complex, a dynamic duo of pomegranate and orange blossom extracts. These ingredients are able to help you achieve firmer skin while also working to smooth lines and wrinkles. The result is skin that looks, feels, and acts younger.

Finally, aloe soothes and comforts irritation, hibiscus exfoliates to smooth away fine lines and dead skin cells, and essential vitamin E neutralizes free radicals with skin care antioxidants. These antioxidants also work by preventing future free radicals, helping to stop the occurrence of premature signs of aging.

As with all of the products from Raw Essentials, the active ingredients found in Moisturizing Face Serum are never heated above 115 degrees to ensure that all of the ingredients retain their nourishing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This means that your skin is able to fully recognize and absorb the benefits of each raw ingredient, allowing for maximum results.

As you can see, this comprehensive skin care serum is your one-stop-shop for moisture, nourishment, and anti-aging actions. Whether you’ve already begun to see visible signs of aging on your face, or you’re simply looking to prevent their onset, Moisturizing Face Serum will work to give you a youthfully glowing complexion.